Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood Floor Repair

Do your hardwood floors have accidental scratches, dents, chips, cracks, stains, blemishes or color loss? Not to worry, in many cases, we can professionally repair your hardwood floors without the need for refinishing or complete replacement. In many cases, hardwood floor damages occur from walking in high heel shoes, an accidental drop of heavy objects, moving damages, excited pets, chemical spills and more, however, no matter of the damage origin, professional floor repairs are cost-effective and will prolong the use of your hardwood floors. Our hardwood floor repair technique allows us to fill the damaged areas with professional grade wood fillers, match the wood grain and seal the repair so your floors can be enjoyed for many more years. Almost as if by magic, our floor repairs are a permanent fix to removing scratches, dents, chips, cracks, and stains from your hardwood floors.

Floor Repair Services

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Color Loss
  • Blemishes

Floor Types We Service

  • Hardwood Floor
  • Pergo Floor (repairs may be possible)
  • Formica Floor (repairs may be possible)